Thursday, March 17, 2016

Math, Science and Music Teachers using Tablets and Flip Classroom techniques

I worked with a group of Math, Science and Music teachers on the tablet initiative this year. Some of the topics we covered are posted on my class site here.  We first focused on the basics of the new OS/Windows 8 and touch screen, along with the wireless projector.

We then focused on the ability to ink using Word and then Journal by sending the files to a PDF and inking on the file. The math teachers explored the Graph paper options and inking formulas on a worksheet.  The  music teacher came up with several creative ways to use the tablet for teaching.  The teachers learned how to incorporate the snipit tool and adding Apps for content area (Graphing Calculator, etc).

The next phase, the teachers applied in their classrooms this month.  I worked individually with teachers to show them ScreenCastify so they could begin to think about recording lessons and begin to setup for the flipped classroom model.   This group of teachers will share their progress during our Staff Mini EdCamp Model in April to their colleagues!

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