Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Math, Science and Windows Tablets

We are in the process of updating some of our staff Tablet PC's/Windows 7 with new Lenovo Yoga 12 Tablet PC's this month.  I surveyed the staff and decided to hold three after school training sessions and update my class site with Yoga/Windows 8 resources.

Session one focused on the following:
Getting Started - Basics/Level 1 (9/15/2015)
  1. Windows Basics 8 (touch screen) basics link
    - Arranging icon and pinning programs
  2. Projector Wireless Connection (Epson - install software)
  3. Inking with Journal / Sending a PDF  - Print Journal to ink
    - Different Papers/background
  4. Inking in MS-Word
  5. Snipping Tool - Ink and Annotate
  6. Adding an APP (example Graphing Calculator, etc)
    - Explore APPS for content area
  7. Homework: Practice the above 
The session went great. It got everyone on the same page and excited to use the new features.
For the few teacher that missed the session, I was able to meet with the during their prep periods to day and review session one so they can join us for session two next month.

Upcoming Topics for Session two

Level 2  - Meeting 2 (10/20th )
  1. Review (Projector, Journal and Word Inking)
  2. Apps - Recommend to Colleagues
    - Math editor
  3. OneNote 2012 should be installed (may need to be added to Yoga 12's)
  4. Recording your screen (screencastify or screencast-_matic)
  5. Publish and Post to Google Site / Classroom
  6. OneNote - Basics
Taking the time to explore the features of touch screen, Windows 8 and the inking capabilities was very informative for all teachers!

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