Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This week is - Digital Citizenship Week (10/19-10/25th)

Next week, in conjunction with October’s Connected Educator Month, Common Sense Media is sponsoring Digital Citizenship Week from October 19 -October 25th. Teachers can find ways to get connected, activities to do with students. Really, the week is a perfect time to discuss digital responsibility, safety, and citizenship with students, and there are plenty of valuable events and resources for educators and students to use.

What is a digital Citizen? It's one who knows what it is right and wrong, and exhibits intelligent technology behavior and makes good choices when using technology. With recent events in our school concerning Yik Yak along with iCloud and SnapChat recently being hacked, it's a good time to remind you that what you put online is permanent. Here are some videos made by students on the topic.

Video 1 Your Digital Footprint link 

Video 2 - Cyber Bullying link 
Video 3 - Bullying is Bad link 

Digital Citizenship is an important topic that students should consider whenever posting online.
Here are some additional resources.
Infographics and Site

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