Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Upcoming Google Demo Slam (Nashoba PD Day) and Christa McAuliffe Conference

I am thinking about putting together a Google Demo Slam for a PD Session in my District next month. 
A Google  Demo Slam is a high energy, geek out kind of session. We are going to have a half dozen presenters share their most used or tip and trick using GAFE. Participants will be encouraged to jump in and share! What do you want to learn and share with your colleagues? 

Some of the topics I am thinking about are:
  •  Creating Assessments with Google Forms/ Flubaroo (Add-On) to grade assignments/DDM’s.
  • Audio Correcting in Google Drive with Kaizena Google Classroom Tips for Assignments
  • Google Classroom users. Looking to benefit from the popular Goobric extension (rubric) grading fed to a spreadsheet right from your browser? Want the ability to send merged emails to students providing them personalized feedback on their assignments? Look no further;)
  • Doctopus now offers rudimentary integration to make these important Doctopus features available for Google Classroom assignments. 
  •  Creating E-Portfolios using Google Sites to showcase student work Classroom 
  • Kaizena · Give Great Feedback
  • Back Channel Today’s Meeting and Google Accounts Assessment with Kahoot learning! 
  • Open Mic – What would you like to share? 
Update: The Google Demo Slam was a great hit with Nashoba Staff this month.  The survey results indicated teachers loved collaborating and learning from each other.  Did I mention it was also a lot of fun!  What a great group of teachers that shared their favorite tips and techniques. Many of the teachers loved Kahoot  a game-based learning tool for assessment.  We hope to offer more in the future and the session gave me more ideas for an upcoming Demo Slam later this month!

I attended the  Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference 2014 and presenting another  Google Demo Slam with a few of my former graduate students and colleagues

If you want to follow me on twitter me or the conference use #NHCMTC. I will be sharing the demo slam link Bit.ly/nhcmtcSLAM .
A special thanks to Nicole @nicoletomaselli and Craig @csheil. It's always great to reconnect with my NH colleagues!

The Keynote on Wednesday @k_shelton topic “The Art of Iteration: Embracing Failure for Learning” #nhcmtc Emphasized how important it is to take risks and show your work as outlined in Austin Kleon's book.  It's always a great learning experience to work outside your comfort zone and continue to learn!

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