Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Twitter and Social Media for Collaboration and Community Connection

I have been using a variety of social media, particulaly twitter  for several years as professional development tool to connect with other educators.  I started using Twitter to follow a few key educators from conferences and graduate classes and find twitter the most important tool that I use for Professional Development.

I have noticed many schools are blogging and using micro-blogging (aka Twitter) to connect with students and family.

Here are a few local schools and educator that I follow:
  1. Burlington (former Principal, now Assistant Superintendent,
    Patrick Larkin https://twitter.com/patrickmlarkin
    Blog http://www.patrickmlarkin.com/2013/09/our-newest-blog-and-other-ways-to.html 
  2. Burlington Principal https://twitter.com/bhsprincipal
  3. Our former principal, Mr. Roche https://twitter.com/Principal_FHS 
  4. Tom Whitby and Tuesday night #edchat https://twitter.com/tomwhitby
  1. Bedford NH Bulldogs https://twitter.com/BHSBulldogs
  2. Wayland Student Press http://waylandstudentpress.com/
    Twitter http://waylandstudentpress.com and twitter https://twitter.com/WSPN 
  3. How Journalist are using Social Media Google+ /Hangouts and more
When working with students around the topic of Digital Citizenship I always encourage students to make sure their digital footrprint is appropriate and will assist them with applying to college or for a job.  Here is an interesting inforgraphic "College Student Guide to a Professional Profile".

I am sometime I am reminded that teachers may use social media professionally and it's to make sure we connect with how student may be using social networking tools and use it as a learning opportunity to educate students.

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