Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting Teachers and Students blogging!

As a Instructional Technology Teacher, I am always looking for ways to coach teachers and students to use technology more efficiently by applying 21st Century skills into their teaching practices and the classroom.  Here are a few examples of things I have been working on this month with a few classes.
  • English Class -I worked with one of my English teachers to get her class up and running with blogs.  I am so pleased to see how far the teacher and students have progressed with blogging.  Checkout her class blog.  She is now working on a teacher e-portfolio reflecting on the various ways she has integrated technology into her classroom.
  • Journalism Class - students are publishing their work for Nashoba News online this year.
  • Business/Technology teacher is now having students create e-portfolios to showcase their work and publish morning video announcements to her blog.
Today, another teacher emailed me items to post on the school website.  When I showed him how to create a Nashoba DECA blog and use twitter with students to model how this can be used in business, he created a blog and plans on using to showcase student work.

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