Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Teaching this summer and my own learning

What a wonderful week teaching on the Cape earlier this month.  I had the opportunity to meet many new teachers and administrators and managed to fit time into my schedule to visit the beach and many fine restaurants.

It's always so exciting to introduce new digital tools to improve teaching.  The first few days of the class everyone is taking in so much information and I am sure everyone feels overwhelmed.  By the time we hit the middle of the week it's great to see everyone applying many of the tools directly to their curriculum.  I had a great time with the first group of students and I am looking forward to the second group of students at the end of the month.

I plan on reading a few books this summer for my book club, spend more time learning more about Google + (The Google+ Project: A quick look  overview) along with learning more on using my ipad II  in the classroom.  In addtion, I will be with preparing to teach a few more classes summer.

I am looking forward to my vacation on the Cape and time with my family this summer.

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