Thursday, July 14, 2011

Exploring Google +

What is Google +  more info

An interesting article on Google Plus and Schools
To use Google+, you need a Google Profile, a feature not yet available with Google Apps for Education. However, a Google spokesperson assures me that that's coming soon and that "we're working to bring features in the Google+ project to Google Apps users in the future." Indeed, Google Enterprise's Dave Girouard posted enthusiastically on Google+ that "Can't wait to get Google+ out to some of our Apps for EDU schools!"

Along with a video overview of Google +


Some great Diigo Bookmarks from Patrick Larkin
Interesting Ways* 
This all looks very interesting and I plan to integrate into my next class and test out the features.


AmyLynn6981 said...

Hi Mary! I am already in love with Google+. I require all my student to use gmail, and we use Edmodo on a daily basis. I am finding that G+ is a nice way of having all the features of both programs in one place. I am also excited to see how others will use it in the classroom.

Mary Marotta said...

Hi Amy - I am glad to see you are already using Google+ I hope they add this to Google Apps for Education soon. It does seem like a nice way to combine some of the tools.