Monday, July 12, 2010

Learning about Web 2.0

Day 1 - Notes and links from class (backchannel )
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A group of teachers are gathered today to learn about Web 2.0.  We are learning about blogging and twitter.
  1. Registration and logistics
  2. The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)
  3. A few Blogs to read -
    Will Richardon (twitter)
    David Warlick  (twitter)
    Eric Langhorst *social studies (twitter)
    Darren Kuropatwa *math (twitter)
  4. Create or use your Google Account
  5. iGoogle (mini tour video)
  6. Micro blogs with Twitter (Twitter in Plain English)
  7. Create your Twitter Account (learn more)
    - Follow on Twitter (follow me )
    - Above bloggers (twitter links) and a few more....
    - BHS Principal
    - Free Technology for Teachers
  8. Getting Started with Blogger (Tutorial)
  9. Create a blog (add a post)
  10. Post a comment (moderate)
  11. Add items to Blogger (Video, Slideshare, etc)
  12. Link


AilWynne said...

I am a first time blogger.

Anonymous said...
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jill p said...

hi Mary and all. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but still working at it!

Mary-Alice DeCesare said...

Twitter seems to have great potential to connect with librarians worldwide.
- Mary-Alice DeCesare

cakmatz said...

I'm a little confused! There's a lot to digest. Claire

5th grade AES said...

Just learning now and thinking of ways to use this in my classroom!
Christine Ryan

Anonymous said...
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McLeod said...

Learning about blogging, already published one of my own blogs. Nancy M

Tammy said...

I am trying out blogger. I will be trying to upload a video for the first time. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

starting to make sense

Anonymous said...

trying the comment again

Natalie said...

I'm feeling more confident about this class than the last one!

jo said...
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Anonymous said...

It seemed to take a year but I am finally able to leave a comment.

King said...

It's getting better...King

Belairs Tech Blog said...

Learning a lot of new things.

gregg said...

I'm having a great time learning about blogs and twitter. Nancy

David said...

It looks as if you could be teaching ECOMP6019! I am wondering what new things you will get out of this class we are taking.