Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blended Learning - Day 3

Wednesday's Activities

1. Join  the back channel http://todaysmeet.com/nmpd (give me a few
    updates during the morning)
2. Twitter - send out a few tweets and follow a few people #NMPD
     7 Things to know about twitter
3. Skype (download) if possible with a colleague
4. Use one or two tools (Word Cloud Wordle, Tagxedo, Ning, Blogger, Google Site,Glogster, VoiceThread, other)  or a new tool (Wallwisher, xtranormal, animoto , pixton comics, itunes/podcast or suggest one in the comment section below)
5. Add infomation images, etc to the Google Site "Your Page"   http://sites.google.com/site/nmpd2010/
6. Post a reflection at the end of the day in the comment section below http://techdi.blogspot.com/

Explore and have some fun!!

When you return on Thursday you can share your findings with the class.

Optional/Additional Assignment:
Assessment in a Web 2.0 World (listen) to this podcast and/or in iTunes
Eudcause podcast: Assessment in a Web 2.0 World (19 mins)
More Educause links on web 2.0


5th grade AES said...

Spent a lot of time today creating wordles and making movies on xtranormal. I would love to know how to paste the wordles onto my google site. Is this something you can show us tomorrow? I also skyped with Tammy, only through IM. It was really fun! Looking forward to learnging more tomorrow.
Christine Ryan

Belairs Tech Blog said...

Worked primarily today on my googlesite hoping to get it ready for my tech. students in the fall. Struggling with Ning. I am having difficulty finding something relavent to what I teach, instructional/engineering technology and robotics. I hope I can find out more tomorrow.

Mrs. Sontag said...

I sent a few tweets and read the 7 things about twitter article. I joined "bright hub" and explored that a bit. I'm now following Kathy Schrock on Twitter. Thanks, Nancy! I skyped with Christine. I spent quite a bit of time on my classroom website. I was finally able to change my sidebar order, though I hope it won't take as long :). I joined Youtube and xtranormal. I created a welcome to kindergarten movie on xtranormal and uploaded it to youtube. I then added it to my website, but needed to take it off because youtube did not allow me to have it without "related videos." My biggest goal for tomorrow is to learn how to include youtube videos that stand on their own on my website. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Tammy Sontag

Mary-Alice DeCesare said...

I tried a lot of tools today. I downloaded Skype, but didn't use it. I use Windows Live all the time to talk to my family in CA, and have a webcam, so I feel like I could Skype pretty easily. My absolute favorite thing was "Wallwisher". I can see an enormous amount of uses in a primary classroom for this tool. I had fun with Xtranormal too. I hope to get some help tomorrow saving a "Wordle" Cloud, as that is still a challenge for me.

jill p said...

this is the third time I've tried to leave a comment. So, I've updated my blog, spent some time tweeting, joined a ning site: PLC for teachers, also viewed the bookclub site there and read some reviews, tried to skype, but no microphone - sad! Also, couldn't create a wordle because I didn't have java and it wouldn't let me get it!! Odd! anyway - some questions for tomorrow!

cakmatz said...

It was an exciting but overwhelming day. My computer was not cooperating very well. I spent a great deal of time designing my classroom website. Had difficulty with the images. Couldn't move them around very easily. I tweeted, visited some sites on ning, followed Maria Knee and went on xtranormal and wallwisher. I'm trying to find areas and activities that I can use in my first grade class when school begins.

Anonymous said...

This has been quite a day - I actually appreciated trying to chug away at this by myself, yet with the help of others. Still lots to learn.

Still lots to fine tune.

Anonymous said...


I had to spend some time convincing my computer that it did want to run java (at one point I wanted to pour my coffee on the keyboard!). Once I had that up and running I played with Wordle and Google sites. For tomorrow I want to create a platform that I can use all of these tools once I have left the class. I am finding some of these applications interesting, a little unwieldy, and not always friendly to each other. See you tomorrow.


Natalie said...

I followed Patrick Larkin and spent some time on the 50 ways to use twitter article on brighthub. I sent some tweets, updated my blog, tried to download Skype which was successful, but I can't sign in so I will continue trying. The amount of info and sites are overwhelming. I feel like I'm bouncing around too much rather than understanding any one thing.

Mary Marotta said...

I am glad to see everyone enjoyed exploring many of the tools covered in class. The focus of the class is to learn about Web 2.0 and mrore importantly how the tools may be used in the classroom. I am looking forward to seeing all you tomorrow to discuss your day of learning! - Mary

Nancy Gregg said...

I finally made an advanced wordle and hopefully by following the link on my twitter account, friends can see it. I had fun twittering, fiddling around with my blog, following other folks on twitter and blogs. I spent lots of times exploring different tools, but realize I'm going to have to narrow my focus! It really was good to have the day. See you tomorrow!

AilWynne said...

AilWynne said...
I am still having a hard time with the blogspot. I have started to create my own google site, but I am having a hard time with the blogspot. Anyway, I hope everyone is having an easier time with it than me. I do like blogger, and ning. I joined the ning you suggested, which seems to be a good social network for English teachers. Twitter just seems like a more advanced form of IM to me, so it is not as exciting. Good luck to everyone else.