Friday, September 25, 2009

Edutopia new guide Ten Top Tips for Teaching with New Media

A great review of many of the materials we have covered in class.
Edutopia has created a new guide for the new school year. Ten Top Tips for Teaching with New Media is a free PDF download that offers some very solid advice.
A quick summary
Tip 1 - VoiceThread as an ice breaker with related links to use in the classroom
Tip 2 - Surveys (surveymonkey, zoomerang) I have been using google/docs and forms for surveys
Tip 3 - Blogs, wikis for organization and customizing igoogle pages
Tip 4 - Think Globally use nings ( use skype, google earth and epals
Tip 5 - Making your classroom into an inviting space, reuseable materials and links
Tip 6 - Making meaning from Word Clouds
Tip 7 Collaboration, Work Better, Together (Google Docs for Education) and wikis
Tip 8 Open a Back Channel, think of it as a private chat room for your classroom. Students can pose questions, make observations while watching a video) Tools to try (, chatzy, coveritlive and
Tip 9 - Make it Visual Photos, video clips and other illustrations have expanded in recent years. From using projectors, interactive white boards, tablet pcs, document cameras, etc. these technologies make it easier to use visuals to inspire curiosity, generate brainstorming and enage diverse learners. Visuals also show the connections between math or science concepts and real life.
Tip 10 - Use the buddy system Teachers can take advantage of a variety of communication tools to share ideas and strategies with colleagues. The faculty lunch room offers one spot for face-to-face conversation, but you can expand your options by joining social networks that meet your professional interests. Many educators along with organizations are now using twitter to send out information.
Download the guide to learn more.
I also posted in the class ning.

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