Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Assignment for Class Two - 10/7

Hi Everyone -
Just to recap from last class. Please complete the following:
1. Create and upload a SlideShare with a link to Audio or YouTube
2. Go to the VoiceThread post below and enter a combination of text, audio and if possible a web cam/video comment on each slide as reflection of Web 2.0 Tools. Also post a comment on the VoiceThread post. More information on Voicethread in the class wiki
3. Flip Camera - If possible share the camera with your colleagues. See Dr. Brady's email. Install the Flip camera software that is on the camera and pull the video into your computer. You could also post to flip or youtube as a sample. We will also cover this in class if you are unable to access. tip sheet for flip
4. Create an edu account on Glogster class size 50 or more. We will use at a later date. Remember your username and pw.
5. Class Ning - Explore the Ning as a social networking tool
Optional: Articles/videos
6. NEA Article on using Nings and more 21st Century Literacy: Classroom strategies and additional resources

Post a comment before by October 5th and let me know how you are doing.

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