Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Educational Value of Comics - Pixton

A web 2.0 tool that will allow you to create, publish, share and remix comics!

Pixton is a global community where people of all ages create, publish, share, and remix comics - without having to draw! Example of a Pixton™ comic promoting literacy. Students are assigned to remix the comic, correcting all spelling and grammatical errors.

Here is one a colleague made regarding our upcoming senior banquet. Nice job Mrs. Landry.

The Educational Value of Comics
The comic medium – the art of combining words and images – is a powerful form of visual communication, and when placed in an interactive learning environment, becomes an invaluable tool for teaching and learning.

Pathway to literacy
Instantly capture students’ attention and motivate them to learn, using a familiar medium they understand.

Building skills for the future
Accelerate reading and writing, spelling and grammar, conflict resolution, storytelling, and creative thinking.

Collaborative environment
Foster peer-to-peer interaction. Make sharing easy and effective.

Visual learning
Reinforce your lessons through the associative power of words and images.

Lesson Bank
Share and exchange authentic lessons with other educators. Browse by subject area, level, or region. A great source of ideas and inspiration.

There appears to be a school version that does more but costs money, however there is a 30 day trial.

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Clive said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the kind words about Pixton!

We're adding new and innovative features all the time and always welcome feedback - feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions.

Best wishes,

Clive Goodinson
Creator of Pixton - Interactive Web Comics