Monday, May 4, 2009

And the learning continues.....

This class will be ending soon but there will always be new and innovative tools to use with your students, I hope you continue to expore Web 2.0 long after this class ends. Last month a few of you talked about using Facebook and I wanted to make sure I showed Ning, a social networking tool that could be configured to support any topic.

What is Ning?
Ning is an online platform used tp create your own social websites and social networks (more)

You can create a Ning Network for your own class, group, project, or event: Ning has a trial program for grades 7 -12 students (ad-free).

7 things you should know about Ning

Here is an example of classroom 2.0 ning .

This summer I will be attending NECC (National Educators Computing Conference) in Washington D.C. They now have a NECC Ning, a community network around the conference.

I also use and teach classes on SMARTboards and belong to the SMART ning. Ning is similar to a "facebook" application and you can create one on any topic. When you start or join a ning it will allow you to expand your personal network and connect with other educators or topics of interest.

These are just tools that allow you to make connections and expand your community so it becomes an integral part of what you do in the classroom. We need to teach students to use these tools to expand their learning outside of the classroom.

Will Richardson blogged this week that we have to be able to model these connections for students to understand them in ways that are meaningful to our own learning practice.

I hope you continue to expand your learning long after this class ends.


Pamela Vallee said...

My homeowners association started a ning last year to keep track of our meetings, projects, and various official documents (insurance binders, covenants, city notifications). As the association secretary, the ning is where I post our meeting minutes.

Pamela Vallee said...
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Mary Marotta said...

Hi Pam -
Maybe you could show us your class tomorrow. I have been told there are class reunion sites setup using a ning.

Here is a link to a libary ning that you may enjoy. You probably know Joyce Valenza, I saw her present last summer and she is an amazing media/library person. Her ning

Thanks for commenting!

Annica Scott said...

Thank you so much for all of the resources you have given us during the course of our class. The Web 2.0 site will be a nice resource in order to keep current with what teachers are actually using for specific projects within their classroom.

Annica Scott said... allows you to upload complete novels to your blog/wiki/websites. You can also mark sections and chat during your read. Interesting...

Pamela Vallee said...

I like the bookglutton site (and love the name)!! said...

I just had a student introduce me to bookglutton today! Then I read the posting. Can't believe how quickly information travels...Which leads me to Ning. I love the idea of associations with specific tasks and purposes using social/associative networks. I get bogged down when I go to a social network site and read content that is not worth the time I took to read it and/or something I'm nearly positive the person really didn't need to share. My time is too valuable for that. Thus, Pam's use of a ning for an association I think is great.

Mr. Kennedy said...


Thank you so much for all that you have shown us over the course of the two classes. I am looking forward to implementing more of this next year at the beginning of the year (think it will be easier then). We have started a class blog, that the students seem to have taken to and enjoy posting to. Also, I hope you remember, but I will not be able to attend class tonight--scheduling conflict and someone has to watch the two year old.