Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Digital Students @ Anlaog Schools

I attended Alan Novembers BLC06 conference last summer and Marco Torres, was a keynote. In one of his smaller sessions he showed a great movie clipped and asked the audience to promote and share it. Movie: Digital Students @ Analog Schools Students today are native to technology and schools seem to be stuck in the past. They are not accommodating to todays digital learners. Here is a video where students speak out on what it means to be a digital student at a analog school.


test said...
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Sheila said...

I find the comments on and the critiques of higher education compelling and provocative. I also appreciate the "generation gap" vis a vis learning styles. However, I can't buy in 100% because I suspect that as the younger generation ages, their facility with technology and ability to multi-task will diminish. I wonder if it will come full circle and the traditional teaching methods such as lectures, readings and papers may becoam effective to them later in life.