Thursday, October 20, 2016

2016 MassCUE/M.A.S.S. Fall Technology Conference - Reflection

Yesterday I attended the #MassCUE16
2016 MassCUE/M.A.S.S. Fall Technology 

Getting ready for the conference I used Adobe Spark Post to tweet out about the conference and then picked my sessions for the day!  When I attend each year I always come back inspired to try a new project, test out a new tool of simply follow a new person on twitter.  As I processed the day on my drive home, I thought this year was different from other years.  Yes, I saw an inspiring keynote, attended sessions and checked out the exhibit floor, but what you don't capture at a conference is all the people to get to reconnect with and share your excitement for teaching.

When I arrived home I saw a tweet for a former colleague that I taught with a few years ago.  I was able to spend time with her in her Journalism class, and the a PD grad class.  Even though I only got to see her at the keynote she took the time to send me a message on twitter.  On my drive into school today this got me thinking about all the people in my PLN that I saw at the conference and I am so grateful to learn from them.

This got me thinking about how grateful I am as an Instructional Technology Specialist/Digital Learning Coach to work with so many wonderful teachers and in some way contribute to their passion for teaching. I decide to use Adobe Spark to share with colleagues and students this week.

What have you learned this year?  Make sure you take the time to reflect!

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