Monday, September 5, 2016

Planning EDcamp session this month

Starting to plan a back to school EdCamp this month.

Here are a few of the things I will review.
  • Tweet out to staff the planning is starting
  • Survey Staff with a list and session optionsand who wants to help
  • Review last springs offerings and develop a matrix
What worked well last year and what will improve the sessions
  • Two Sessions
  • 9th Grade Student Panel for Chromebooks
  • Students join sessions
  • NEW Google Classroom Features
  • New Tools (Quizlet Live)
  • New Themes PBL

Each teacher will tweet out their own slide using #nashobalearns and tag the next presenter.
Let's make this collaborative and fun!

Other ways to market will invole using a few new tools to showcase.
  • Test out Adobe SPARK - link
  • New TV Signage
  • Create Signage / Bulletin Board and Poster

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