Thursday, May 12, 2016

Teaching GAFE Reflection and new features

When teaching a GAFE class last week we introduce new features just released by Google.
Check out the Google Blog here on Accepting Questions from your audience

I plan on testing out with a few classes this week and provide an example here.
Note/Tip: to insert a Google Presentation into a Blog you must use File Publish and get the embed code and edit under html in the blog.

See example of a student asking questions of audience!
Video link

Bonus! Allowing your audience to ask questions isn’t the only way we’re improving the presentation experience on Slides today. We’re also making the following possible:

  • Use your mouse as a laser pointer in Slides on the web. Just choose the laser pointer option from the toolbar and move your mouse, and a red laser-like dot will appear in the same place on screen, helping your audience know where to look and when.
  • In the Slides iOS app, present to a new Hangout or to a Hangout selected from a meeting on your Google Calendar. For more information, check out the Help Center
What will you try with students and teachers when presenting your next presentation?

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