Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Google Form Features and Google Voice

A few new Google discoveries this week. I noticed a few weeks ago that Google Forms had a new look while attending a session at MassCUE. To check out the new "purple" log look go to forms.google.com.  Here is a direct link https://goo.gl/3rrExI  to launch the new format and don't worry you can do back to the older version,

I was preparing to give a quiz this afternoon and wanted to make sure the new form worked with Flubaroo.

Note: The new option for responses that the owner of the form can view, so you quickly see information and select the spreadsheet option if you would like to sort and view the summary of the data.

There are also lots of new themes that you can select rather the just a few options.

If you do not like the new format you can go back by clicking on the icon in the bottom left of
the screen. It looks like a person running.

If you need to show "data" for formative assessments, Forms automatically creates summary charts for you!

Not all the features from the older version have moved over to the new version, but I like what I am seeing and its a great way to collect data.

Now, only if they would add creating quizzes directly in Google Classroom that might make me really happy!

The second item, not that it's new but it is now open in our school, we now have access to
Google Voice, a telephony service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging, as well as US and international calls.  I curious how it compares to Skype.  To get started you can create and account and phone number by going to voice.google.com. A few of our World Language teachers have been exploring options to record audio and found some resources to share here.

Below is a quick overview of Google Voice

I hope to explore with a few teachers this month and post and update!

Link to Google Newsletter with Tips and Tricks!

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