Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Institute for GAFE Class and Reflection

What a great week teaching Google Apps for Education last week at FSU.  This was the first time that we used Google Classroom to deliver the class using the University's Google Accounts with Classroom.  We definitely need to work to streamline the process but for the most part it worked well.  This allowed up to setup assignment and share content easily.  We were able to grade portfolios using Doctopus/Goobrics.  It's always great to model for teachers how they can setup their classroom when returning to school next month.  Students created and presented Portfolios as evidence of work. We used the SAMR model to reflect on assignments and our teaching and comfort level with technology.  It was amazing to watch the progression of student growth over the course of the week. I am extremely fortunate to have co-taught with Craig another GAFE Trainer.  We managed to teach 23 students at varying levels and content areas.  I was so impressed with their quality of work.  We will be looking at options to offer in an online blended model next year, in addition to the Summer Institute format.

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