Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poetry Projects and WeVideo

Each year I get to work with Sophomore students and teachers on Poetry Projects.  I am always so impressed with the finish result, however the logistics of using a variety of labs with XP/Windows 7 and various versions of MovieMaker has stopped teachers from working on this project.

Last year, I took a look at WeVideo but our school filter had it blocked, this year it's open.  Our school is using GAFE and WeVideo is now connected with Google Drive (See the video WeVideo and Google Drive).

We introduced the project using WeVideo and the results have been very positive.  Student are using mostly images for their projects. One of the students, Sarah A. is using WeVideo in class  to create a multimedia slideshow on poet Christina Rossetti. Sarah   stated she like the fact she could access the project from home and work on from any location.  I plan to post some of the projects on the blog once they are completed.

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