Monday, April 9, 2012

Google Earth Project

I will be working with a Spanish class this week to create tours (hopefuly narrated) in Google Earth and inserting into class portfolio pages or blogs.
Use the Embed KML gadget
1. Click here to go to the Embed KML gadget.
2. Under the Display Settings, enter a name for your embed window, set the size for your Earth window, and choose a frame color.
3. Under the Gadget Settings, enter the URL link to the KMZ file on the web. For this example, enter the following URL:
4 Select a view mode (Earth or Maps), and select how you want the embedded map to initially load and if you want to show 3D buildings, roads, borders, and other data.

Here are a few examples of a KMZ files (downloads and opens in Google Earth for the tour)
Here is the link to the KML gadget for the blog. Learn more about inserting into a blog here.


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