Friday, January 7, 2011

Document camera - IPEVO Point 2 View

Last summer I delivered a SMARTboard class and a few of the teachers wanted a low cost document camera.  I recommended the IPEVO Point 2 View  a (low-cost) and easy to travel with document carmera.   I have a few teachers testing out ipads and math apps on the iphone and it setups and works nicely.  It easily connects to a USBport on a computer and along with a projector you can deliver to a large audience.  A document camera can be used with student work, to markup papers, display images from a book, photographs and of course you can project anything 3-dimensional.  So far, I am inpressed with the camera and for the price ($65.00) I find it a useful tool for the classroom.  I plan on testing out with a class using Glogster (the webcam grab feature) later this week instead of a webcam.

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