Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome Mashpee Teachers - Day One Web 2.0

Mashpee - Day 1 - Notes and links from class (backchannel
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A group of teachers are gathered today to learn about Web 2.0.  We are learning about blogging and twitter.
  1. Registration and logistics
    FSC registration form (Course Number: PDMT 6332 Schedule Number (CRN): 50871 Graduate Credits at $255 TItle Integrating Web 2.0 Tools into the Classroom
  2. The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)
  3. A few Blogs to read -
    Will Richardon (twitter)
    David Warlick  (twitter)
    Eric Langhorst *social studies (twitter)
    Darren Kuropatwa *math (twitter)
    Maria Knee The KindersBlog Maria Knee
  4. Create or use your Google Account
  5. iGoogle (mini tour video)
  6. Micro blogs with Twitter (Twitter in Plain English)
  7. Create your Twitter Account (learn more)
    - Follow on Twitter (follow me )
    - Above bloggers (twitter links) and a few more....
    - BHS Principal
    - Free Technology for Teachers
  8. Getting Started with Blogger (Tutorial)
  9. Create a blog (add a post)
  10. Post a comment (moderate)
  11. Add items to Blogger (Video, Slideshare, etc)
  12. Link
Post a response/comment at the end of the day.  What do you think about blogging?


Martha Lorantos said...

This video doesn't show up on my screen.

Mrs. Giuggio said...

Blogging is fun, but I can't see the video either!

Vinnie Nelson said...

I have learned so much today!!!!This blogging is avesome!

Patricia Donovan said...

There is still so much to learn about blogging. It is an interesting format for interactive learning. I hope to make it a useful tool in my class.

Mrs. Connor said...

This is very interesting and fun, but I've only got a tenuous grasp.

Mrs. Terrill said...

I like blogging and can see how useful it will be in my classroom. I think the kids will love it and it will be a great way to excite the students about learning. I like the idea of using the site to discuss books; it should rope in resistant readers.

Ms. Louf said...

I am so excited that I can do make my own blog!

KT said...

Blogging is great!! A LITTLE confusing. :)

Mrs. Daly said...

Quite confusing, but a lot of fun!

Ms. Rafferty said...

Thanks for a great start for this class. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Ms. Louf said...

Oops!! Edited comment...I am thrilled to be able to create my own blog.

Mrs. Schreiner said...

Wow we learned a lot today!! I hope I remember half of it tomorrow!! Thank you for your patience. I am excited to come back tomorow!

Mrs. Littleton said...

Learning to do this is interesting.

Mrs. Souza said...

Blogging is an adventure!

Louise Johnson said...

I think blogging is a great tool to learn about and it will be helpful in the classrooms.

Louise Johnson said...
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Mrs. Littleton said...

I hope I get better at this in the next few days.