Saturday, June 13, 2009

Teacher Presentations

I enjoyed attending the Lunenburg Staff portfolio presentations yesterday afternoon. It was great to see so many teachers using blogs, wikis, jing, slidehares, videos, twitter and other tools covered in class. As a stood in the background I heard one of the teachers telling an assistant principal "in January I had never heard of these tools and now look at how I am using them in my classroom, my students really like it" For those of you that presented using Web 2.0 tools, please share your experience and advice for the next class! I already had several teachers ask me "what should we learn next, I love this all the new tools we learning in class". I would have to say, the Lunenburg staff is a group of life long learners and I am so happy I was part of this professional development experience!
Images Courtesy of Alec Couros

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