Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Working with students... Poetry Projects

I am working with a group of sophomore's this week using MovieMaker to create poetry presentations. Students are collecting images and are addind text, sound, narration and music. I showed them Picnik, http://www.picnik.com/ a website that allows you to edit your images/photo and then incorporate into the project. Some of the kids already use the site to edit pictures and add them to facebook. One of the students took all the words from the poem and used wordle to create an image to incorporate into the project. When they are finished the projects I will upload a few so you can view.


Pamela Vallee said...

I really like picnik. I've tried Flickr and haven't been that impressed. I just tried picnik with some photos I had on the computer and like the collages I can make for free (although I'd love to make the bigger ones, but don't want to spend the money). I can't wait to try adding some of my Disney photos in collages to my facebook page!! I guess I should try something more library-oriented now...I'll try making a bookcover collage next.

Linda Collette said...

My kids use this picnik site at home and love making crazy pictures!