Sunday, January 20, 2008

FRONTLINE presents GROWING UP ONLINE - Tuesday, January 22, 2008, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS

FYI - Something you may want to watch/record on Tuesday evening.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS


mediasavvy101 said...

I had some major issues with the press release and trailer for this Frontline episode. I talk about it at my blog:

One of my main issues is that they don’t show very many minorities in the commercial. The minorities they do show are “trouble makers”.

Mike said...

While watching what I could, (before falling asleep) I was truly amazed at what I saw. Our students are growing up in such a different world that even parents can't really protect them.
The portion of the program about kids and MySpace was shocking to me. The portion that talked about this one "Goth" girl really opened my eyes to the fact that our generation, let alone the parents, really don't know what is out there and what the kids are going through. The fact that she had, shall we say, less than appropriate pictures with out her parents even knowing was horrible. I mean, I realize that the parents may not have been well educated when it comes to this stuff but....they didn't even know their daughter. This is why I firmly believe that we as educators should provide parents with classes to inform them about this stuff. So that they can go on to their child's web page or whatever, and see what they are up too. I realize that some parents are up with computer technology but...what about the rest????
The other part I found interesting was the cyber bullying. We talk about it so much in school but what about chat rooms our students may go into. How do we control the bullying there? Granted it is not solely our responsibility, nor should it, but again, how are most parents to know of this.
Well there were some other parts of the show that I did see some of in between catnaps, but I think that I have said enough. I hope someone had the sense to tape this or get a transcript of this to show other educators and yes....Parents....

Steve A said...

I have to agree with a lot of what Mike said. It was eye opening to see and realize that there is a another world out there. How today's generation is viewing and interacting with the world is changing. I would assume that the same thing happened to the TV generation and to Europe when the printing press was invented.
As a school system we need to take a moment to think this through. Maybe we need to expand our role! How many parents out there are clueless to what is going on. Should we begin educating them? As we introduce technology to our staff and incorporate technology into our lesson plans we need to also include education to internet etiquette. i liked the Stop, Block & Tell segment... The Gems of technology so to speak.
I felt a bit sad for the ELA teacher of 30 years who admitted to being old school. Things have dramatically changed in the classroom. For better or worst we need to admit that things are changing faster than we are. How do we meet that challenge? Are we up to the challenge? Will the town (aka the budget), allow us to change with the times?
The more we ponder the more questions are raised. Education is changing. What are we doing to meet that change!

At the MS we are seeing more issues with socialization. Kids who spend lots of time on the computer, the tv, etc. are not learning social skills.

JBeardmore said...

My husband and I watched it. He's more tech savvy than I, and even he was shocked by what's happening. The voyeurism, kids automatically getting out their cell phones to capture a fight happening right in front of them at school, and then posting to youtube...I find it sickening.
As an educator but even more as a parent, it is terrifying. Technology/media consumption (computer, cell, TV, ipods, etc) is something every family needs to seriously consider. Has anyone seen the commercial of the new Dodge Caravan? The vehicle promotes family togetherness despite the 2 DVD players and screens, ipod/mp3 hookups, etc. It 's the old addage, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

The program was distressing, but I am glad to be aware of the issues...and how profound they are.

Sara K said...

I watched the program and can't believe most of what I saw. I guess I live in a different world than the kids growing up today. What happened? I personally think its very scary and it makes me question our society even more and wonder what is going on.

I have seen that Dodge caravan commericial and I can believe that either. My brother is a waiter and he talks about the families that come in for dinner... mom and dad on separate cell phones, while the kids play video games. What happened to actually talking to your family. Ya, they went out to dinner, but did they even speak to each other!!!!!!!

Stop the world, I want to get off!!!!!!

Michelle said...

i wish I had caught the whole thing... It is shocking what kids can and will do without their families knowing about it. What happened to having the computer out in the open? I know when I got one it was where my parents could always see it. Now kids have all the tech at their fingertips and in their room where all they have to do is close the door and no one knows.

peggy said...

I was unable to see this frontline episode but based on the blog, I think I'm glad I did. This is the part of technology that scares me--understanding that technology is a huge umbrella word. The idea of instant gratification and instant results is startling. It seems we live at times in isolation with a white earpiece hanging out of our ears and others with one's entire life shared over the internet in the blink of an eye. The premise of the new movie (internet murder) is really scary and I would imagine true. Everything is at out fingertips and we have very few controls--except at my desk at work where I am blocked from accessing the first

In many ways (perhaps I'm getting nostalgic), some things have gotten worse. "Back in the day" I couldn't wait for Christmas shows (the Grinch especially) You had one night out of the year that it was on tv -- My daughter will never know what that excitement feels like to gather around with your family and watch the one airing of a show. I feel sad for her. Although I try to create the same excitement about DVD showing in our's just not the same.

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